Shandrani, the French Cosmetic!

Our DNA is deeply embedded in the era of time. We constantly question ourselves in order to always stay in line with your expectations.

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French Quality

The “Made in France” is an opportunity in the cosmetics sector. We value our know-how and our requirement. France enjoys a beautiful global influence and we want to act in this way every day. Our brand DNA is deeply French. Our head office is in France. Our offices, our laboratory and our teams are French. We are constantly promoting our “French Touch” in our industry. We are proud to be a part of French history and culture that is synonymous with talent, creativity and requirement.

Laborantine chimie propre naturelle symbolique feuille et mélange vue torse et main et flacons

Natural Origin Ingredients

We continually optimize our formulas to find natural alternatives to our efficiency components. We have a large majority of natural assets to date.

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Human First

Gender diversity is a key issue for us. We advocate gender, culture, and origin equality. We strive for perfect parity and we are fortunate to have diverse cultures and backgrounds in our teams. This diversity is a wealth and strength for our company and we want to preserve these values that are essential to us.

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Innovating for tomorrow’s cosmetics

The cosmetics sector is very competitive and ultra dynamic. New trends are created every day and new actors are launched every moment. It is for these reasons that we have invested in our own laboratory COSMEO TERRE. We develop all our research and development in order to be very responsive and competitive on the expectations and needs of the market.

Quality and Effectiveness

In order to control the quality and efficiency of our products, we have invested in our own research and development laboratory. We are constantly looking to improve our formulas. We are constantly striving for a majority of ingredients of natural origin. We also look for effective results for each of our products. Our team of chemical engineers is there every day to ensure quality and efficiency.

Laborantine chimie propre naturelle symbolique feuille et mélange vue torse et main et flacons

Clean and Harmless Chemistry

We ensure that our products are effective while being harmless.

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