We are a French company specialized in hair care. All our products are designed to improve the health and beauty of all hair types.

Our leitmotiv is to create cosmetic products with formulas mostly of natural origin while having maximum efficiency. To do this, we carry out research and development within our own laboratory, in order to continuously optimize our formulas, to ensure the quality of all our productions and thus guarantee an ethically irreproachable and harmless chemistry to use.

Our commitments

– Obtain real laboratory tested and consumer approved results

– Our formulas mainly concentrate natural Assets

– Fit all hair types

– Work on pleasant and sensual scents

– Innovate in Research and Development in our laboratory in France.

– Production in France

– Guarantee chemically harmless products.

Soins cheveux femme  Shandrani Paris
Engagement de la marque Shandrani Paris

Once upon a time

Since I was a teenager, I had dreamed of creating my own cosmetics brand because I started working very young in this universe.

My desire was to succeed in creating a range of cosmetic cleansing products but also caring everyday. In my mind it was obvious that everyone needed to take care of his hair and overall way of his body.

So why not take care of yourself on a daily basis instead of doing one-time care? I also wanted to create quality products with impeccable efficiency while respecting nature and our body.

I then started by creating the hair growth elixir (link to the elixir in the shop) in order to have the effective and chemically harmless formula that would later serve me to deploy a full range of products. This is how the classic Easy Pouss range was born (link to the boutique section) which has established itself as a must of French cosmetics for the Afro-Caribbean community.

Little by little this range has been democratized and we are currently developing our product ranges so that it is effective for all hair types.
For 4 years now, we have also expanded the range to products dedicated to locks, braids, twists and vanilla protective hairstyles with our specific range Aloe Locks.

Currently we are strengthening our commitment to use natural active ingredients as well as ingredients that are mainly of natural origin, to develop a harmless chemistry while having an undeniable effectiveness.

We have invested in our own French laboratory in order to guarantee all our commitments while having the opportunity to innovate and improve constantly, to achieve perfection in our knowledge and know-how.

We are here to bring you Excellence, and we are at your disposal to build it. Let’s stay connected and share our ideas.