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Easy Pouss range of cosmetics to take care of your hair


Committed to serving all women, Shandrani created Easy Pouss, a range of products to fight hair loss and accelerate their growth. Designed for all hair types, Easy Pouss is a tribute to the plurality of women and their differences. This fortifying range will promote the regrowth of your hair thanks to its natural active ingredients.

logo made in france our commitments
logo made in france our commitments

“made in France” HairCare


We have our own laboratory in France: Cosméo Terre, which allows us to control the entire production chain, from the formulation to the packaging of our products. Our treatments are therefore carried out according to French standards, with quality ingredients.


Each employee brings their know-how, and we take into account the feedback of our customers to improve our products day by day. Your opinion of Easy Pouss is important, and we take the time to study what our customers have to say about our range so that you are always satisfied.


Born of a real need of women with curly hair, frizzy and difficult to maintain, our range has evolved to serve all women. Whether you have dry and rebellious hair, fine and brittle, we have developed for you a specific care to give your hair the shine they deserve.


We are committed to creating unique care through natural active ingredients. Mango butter, castor oil, Aloe Vera, Baobab oil are among the key ingredients that make our reputation. You can safely adopt our elixirs, shampoos, masks or serums in your beauty routine. The Easy Pouss range will give you a moment of softness on a daily basis.

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An easy to adopt routine


Instead of taking time to perform intense and laborious care, adopt the Easy Pouss routine on a daily basis. Maintaining your hair will be much easier and less burdensome. We have created a hair line to take care of your hair gently, following a routine in five steps.

  • Our oiled care, to nourish your hair in depth to achieve preferably the day before. It will repair your hair from the ends to the root and feed them, without making them fat.
  • Our vitamin shampoo to wash your hair and give them maximum volume and flexibility.
  • Our conditioner (or Hydra mask for the driest hair) to bring softness and hydration right into the ends.
  • Our hydrating hair milk to prolong the beneficial effect of your routine for as long as possible. It detangles your hair and defines curls to perfection. This milk is paraben-free, silicone-free and mineral oil-free.
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Deep-nourished hair for a long time


As a result of extensive research in our laboratory, our Easy Pouss range allows you to grow your hair faster, while avoiding forks and damaged tips.

Our customers are unanimous, after using our Easy Pouss care, the before-after is incomparable. Their hair grows faster, hair loss is reduced and their hair is silky and nourished. Their opinion on Easy pouss is very positive and encourages us to continue developing more care adapted to each one, because all the beauties must be celebrated.

Our range of care will allow you to moisturize your hair dry and brittle, giving them volume, suppleness and shine. No more indomitable frizz, your hair regains its radiance and softness.

Creating special moments for oneself on a daily basis is important, and thanks to the texture and scents of our treatments, we want to transform these moments into a real sensory experience. A cocoon of sweetness and well-being just for you.

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