Our special range of treatments for afro hair

  • Shampoing anti-chute vitaminé stimulation de la croissance capillaire
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    Shampoo Supercharged

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  • Huile de nigelle bio 100% naturelle et vierge première pression à froid photoo packshot du flacon 100ml fond blanc étiquette rouge doré et bleu
    Huile de nigelle bio 100% naturelle et vierge première pression à froid photoo packshot du flacon 100ml fond habillage fleurs de Nigelle étiquette rouge doré et bleu
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  • Elixir de croissance capillaire cheveux épais
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    Hair Growth Elixir (Thick Hair)

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  • Crème de cactus fortifiante et anti-chute Shandrani Easy Pouss
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  • Après shampoing conditionneur 4 en 1 de Shandrani Easy Pouss Classique
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    After shampoo conditioner 3in1

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Produits pour type de cheveux afros
icone cruelty free petit lapin coeurs feuilles
icones ingrédients naturels deux mains entourant coeur avec feuilles
icone chimie clean flacon chimie feuille vertes

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Our special range of treatments for afro hair


We have developed specific products for you, in our laboratory Cosméo Terre, for afro hair, frizzy and curly, which tend to be more brittle and drier than others. A range of treatments that target the problems you encounter on a daily basis, to help you maintain your hair easily. You can finally let your hair grow without fear!

Whether you need a styling mousse, a detangling milk, a vitamin shampoo, a growth elixir or a moisturizing oil, all our products are made with the utmost care and mainly with ingredients of natural origin.

Photo femme afro métisse nappy hairtstyle pose mannequin fond gris bleu
Studio portrait of a beautiful young woman posing against a grey background

Products suitable for your dry and frizzy hair

The formulations we have developed over the years have been the result of much research. Eager to offer you the best with healthy natural active ingredients, we took the time to find the best performing ingredients for afro hair. Define your curls, nourish your hair deeply, accentuate their shine and restore volume to your hair, are the results we want to achieve for each of you.

Since the success of the growth elixir, we have created other products dedicated to the growth of afro hair. Enriched with natural vegetable oils such as baobab, coconut or castor, our products aim to moisturize durably to avoid split ends and brittle hair. But we will not stop there, always listening to your desires, we continue to develop our range to provide you with care ever more adapted to your needs.

For an optimal look, it is advisable to opt for the complete Easy Pouss routine by choosing the afro hair products from our range that best suit you. Oil, conditioners, masks, milk, styling foam and shampoos for afro hair, will give your hair a complete and durable care.

Beauté plurielle, photo 3 femmes origines diverses caucasienne, africaine, asiatique, modèles beauté, cosmétiques

Shandrani Easy Pouss celebrates all the beauties

Because like all hair, frizzy and curly hair deserve an exceptional care, Shandrani decided to base its Easy Pouss range in the first place for afro hair, then expanding it to all other hair types to represent all the beauties. And it is by taking inspiration from the diversity of the inhabitants of the world, that we have created this specific range that adapts to all hair textures.

We firmly believe that you deserve our full attention. Whatever your hair, we have concocted for you, treatments that combine performance and well-being for a moment of unparalleled softness. A real cocooning moment awaits you thanks to our Easy Pouss treatments!

We have studied the traditional recipes of the whole earth, because we know that in tradition there is a knowledge and an experience of incomparable richness. The active ingredients of these ingredients, have been observed and tested for you, we return them to you in effective and natural formulations. For millennia, we have been drawing from nature our beauty secrets, and that is what Shandrani Easy Pouss wanted to pass on to you.

Laborantine chimie propre naturelle symbolique feuille et mélange vue torse et main et flacons

Healthy formulations

Because we believe that you deserve the best, we are always looking for the best possible formulas, in order to find natural alternatives to chemical components. We know that our ingredients are effective because they have been used since time immemorial to tame the dryness and fragility of their hair.

Today, we can proudly tell you that our afro hair products contain a vast majority of natural active ingredients and that our formulations are clean and soft for your skin and hair. You can trust our products, which will give strength and vigor to your hair, without harming your health or the environment.

femme métisse tressée de dos arrière plan nature

A new range for protective hairstyles

To protect and nourish intensely braided hair, locks, twists, vanilla, buns, mats, etc. we have formulated a new range «Aloé Locks». It takes into account the specificities of these hairstyles, to strengthen the hair and purify the scalp in depth.

No more hair problems, thanks to our Aloe Locks treatments, your hair is nourished, your scalp is reinforced and toned to soothe itching. Our plant active ingredients will offer maximum protection to your hair, while promoting hair growth.

Use our products in synergy to achieve maximum efficiency! Shampoo, mist and serum can be used with the jelly.

And don’t forget our delicious gummies, vegan teddy bears that will give you the vitamins you need for strong, long hair!

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